Luis Vera
Founding Member and Associate
Vera & Carvajal

Luis Vera Morales, Vera & Carvajal

Wed, 02/19/2014 - 10:22

Q: What do you see as the priorities that should be tackled regarding the Mexican regulatory framework?

A: Mexico has a rather complex law-making process, which begins with the proclamation of a general law. Following on from that, several specific secondary laws are made. As this creates various legal contexts for each subject, conflicting views can arise with different interpretations surrounding basic legal concepts. Generally, laws pertaining to the development of the energy sector are linked to the passing of environmental impact laws, which can also lead to considerable legislative uncertainty. Mexico has very sophisticated laws but the country needs homologation in order to eliminate such doubt. Regarding environmental subjects, the very definition of technical terms, such as pollution, is linked to a series of specific and technical assessments. Taking this into account, Vera & Carvajal’s priority is making sure that society at large is well-informed and understands the legislation.

Q: What specific benefits does your firm bring to its clients’ projects?

A: We are developing several projects, mostly in the energy and environmental sectors. We work in projects in Mexico, in the US, Central America and Peru, giving us a strong understanding of the region’s various regulatory frameworks. Once our clients approach us with their concerns about the projects they wish to develop, we start by studying similar cases and projects that ran into trouble or were not approved. This enables us to suggest different course of action for our clients to get the green light on their projects, based on real examples.

Q: How can the concepts of environmental law be spread among the Mexican public?

A: We are now seeking for ways to spread this awareness among our clients and among the Mexican public. The firm has dedicated a lot of its time to academic endeavors. We partner up with universities to teach courses on environmental law, carry out research and publish papers. Passing on this information and creating awareness are essential to ensure that Mexico continues to grow in an intelligent way.

Environmental law poses its own set of challenges. To fully deal with its complexities, our firm has a technical division that works alongside our legal advisors. This allows to provide efficient solutions in a fast and dynamic way that differs other branches of law. The nature of environmental law is changing the way we think about progress.