Mexico Needs to Work on Energy Storing Regulation: Enlight
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Mexico Needs to Work on Energy Storing Regulation: Enlight

Photo by:   American Public Power Association
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 01/02/2023 - 17:24

As clean energy sources become essential to counter climate change effects, companies are expecting the federal government to set the legal framework for both power generation and storing, as the country already has the required technology to store up to 1.5MW of energy. 

In an interview with El Economista, Julian Willenbrock, CEO, Enlight, said the federal government should work on a legal framework regarding power generation and storage. He said that in countries like Australia, storing capabilities are more advanced since this country has a battery with a 150MWcapacity, which is the property of Tesla. However, Willenbrock noted that Mexico’s capabilities are similar to those in Latin America.

Solar energy installations are on the rise, especially under the distributed generation scheme, which makes more necessary the creation of clear rules regarding storage. According to Willenbrock, lithium is essential to produce batteries to store the generated energy, which makes the development of the lithium industry essential. “It will be strategic in the mid and long term to know, not only who would be able to explore and exploit minerals for energy storage, but also how much someone has to pay as a royalty to the government for this activity,” Willenbrock said. 

Willenbock is not the only industry insider that forecasts growth in the generation of distributed energy. According to Sergio Rodríguez, Service Manager for Latin America, Ginglong Solis, distributed energy generation will grow between 10 to 20 percent in 2023. According to Rodríguez, distributed generation has got around regulatory issues. However, it is expected that the government will start regulatory adjustments in this matter. 

Rodríguez highlighted the advantages that new storage technologies based on lithium batteries offer. He says that new equipment boosts photovoltaic systems, while digitalization allows more control and monitoring during operation. He added that besides new technologies, the rising costs of producing energy using fossil fuels, which have skyrocketed during 2022, have made it more attractive to generate power from solar panels. 

Rodríguez considers that Mexico is one of the countries with the most potential for solar energy since it produces over 5.3kWh/m2 using solar panels. 

Photo by:   American Public Power Association

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