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Centralized Production With Local Market Understanding

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 05/25/2020 - 15:07

Q: What led to MEDICE’s success as an international pharmaceutical company?

A: MEDICE is originally from Germany. This family-owned pharmaceutical company started as a very traditional business in the area of South Westphalia. The area is known as a cluster formed by strong and dynamic companies, which are characterized by how they optimize processes related to logistics and production to ensure the best quality standards.

MEDICE headquarters is based in Iserlohn and is much like a campus. Our global distribution is done through commercial partners. We create partnerships with our distributors in order to build trust and reliability with the partners long term partnerships are what we are looking for.

Q: What steps were necessary to adapt MEDICE’s portfolio to the Mexican and LATAM market?

A: We focus on the local market and its demands. MEDICE has been working on building partnerships in Latin America for several years now. In fact, we already distribute our very well-known methylphenidate Medikinet in seven CAC countries.

While many of our products might be well-established in Germany or Europe, we need to adapt to the demands of the local market. We receive feedback from our commercial partners and adapt our product portfolio offering accordingly.

We manage three lines of products: one for ADHD, which is a growing market in Mexico; our OTC line; and our nephrology line. Initially, our priority for the Mexican market was Medikinet and the OTC line. While entering the market, we realized there was demand for our nephrology line in addition to the others, as this healthcare issue is seriously affecting the Mexican population, hence our distributor candidates have recommended us to have our Nephrology portfolio ready for Mexico.

Q: What reception has MEDICE experienced in Mexico and LATAM and what has been the most relevant feedback you have received?

A:  The reception for Medikinet in the seven CAC countries has been superb; thanks to our patented galenic formulation, high quality APIs and high manufacturing standards many doctors have said that Medikinet is an outstanding product; in poof we are ADHD market leaders in Germany for many years.

Right now, we are looking for well-stablished local distributors with an excellent trajectory distributing international products. Having a partner that understands the local market will be a key factor for establishing a long-term agreement.

Q: What are MEDICE’s strategies to balance its diverse areas, such as manufacturing, development, logistics and marketing?

A: All of our areas are centralized, which means there is no dependence on one area specifically. Commercialization, of course, has a representative in every area we work in, but the rest of the processes are centralized in Germany with very clear procedure that allow us to maintain control whenever something happens in the market.

Q: How does MEDICE adapt the patient-centric model?

A: MEDICE tries to develop products based on current market requirements to fit the exact needs of patients and doctors. We know perfectly that both parties need to understand the products, because one prescribes them and the other consumes them. With ADHD, we have learned that the patient needs to understand what it is and how to treat it. ADHD, aside from the Methylphenidate, requires a holistic approach that involves the patient’s social environment. Patients need a full understanding of the condition, which will help Medikinet work at its fullest potential.

Q: What are the goals and expectations for MEDICE in Mexico and Latin America?

A: Generally, we want to increase our brand awareness to be known as a company with the highest quality and standards. Secondary, we are interested in accomplishing commercial agreements with pharmaceutical companies that are well-established in Mexico so we can grow together.

I believe that a good business makes a better world, therefore win-win relationships are the most long-term effective in business.


MEDICE is one of the most successful family-owned pharmaceutical companies in Germany with own manufacturing, development and logistics. It markets in the whole EU and through partnerships in 34 more countries. Committed to the fundamental ethical values of medicine, MEDICE has been demonstrating for almost 70 years that humanity and confidence are a strong basis for innovation and growth.

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