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Empathetic Approach Creates Real Marketing Impact

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 11/24/2020 - 09:34

Q: How has your approach to healthcare solutions translated to successful promotion campaigns for companies in Mexico?

A: Loyalty has been a key part of our strong performance in Mexico. However, opening our way through this market is a job that we still do every day by sharing our strategies with the pharmaceutical industry, which allows those companies to achieve their growth and expansion goals.

Part of our strategy to grow is based on our partnership with the company HS Estudios Farmacoeconómicos, which manages pharmacoeconomic studies. This company targets the pharmaceutical industry just as Grupo SANED does. The partnership arose because we wanted to develop something that we did in Spain, which is creating products from scratch. We added pharmacoeconomic prediction as an innovation to the service we offer in the country. 

Aside from working closely with the client, we also analyze the targeted context that the pharmaceutical product aims to reach to understand how the product could benefit clients without being forceful.

Q: How is Grupo SANED performing in Mexico?

A: Adapting our services to the Mexican context has taken a great effort but we have evolved by incorporating new client needs to our regular service offering. This ranges from promoting a product to creating a specific strategy to raise awareness regarding any health situation.

Innovation has been a great tool in all the projects we have tackled. Grupo SANED surrounds itself with brands that deliver the complementary services needed to support the client’s objective. We are characterized as a company that understands the human side of things. Our services are integral and the human element secures quality in our operations.

We follow the methodology of storytelling to showcase the sensitivity of pharmaceutical companies. We can tell stories about a certain disease and how it can be avoided through a timely diagnosis. We are allies with CANIFARMA and this has helped us align to the ethical lines of the pharmaceutical industry and to find clients that share this same ethical philosophy.

Mexico has specific marketing methodologies. However, we have encouraged our clients to break the mold and dare to try something that will have a greater impact, such as short clips or movies. The way the message is delivered, despite it being a different path, contributes to having a positive impact.

The movie method has helped doctors to understand different ways to approach patients because of the different alternatives we found to tell the story of some groups of patients. Our goal is to deliver empathy through our solutions but to also be empathetic to the client’s needs and the doctor’s work.

Q: How did you adapt your offering to the COVID-19 landscape?

A: We created an innovative strategy called PAN. This was born as a response to the new normality, focusing on supporting and encouraging pharmaceutical companies to start dabbling into the digital era. We have been empathetic regarding the general environment to understand that the whole world has changed and that we had to create different strategies for our clients. Grupo SANED will grow its platform 120 percent and our we expect to grow our e-learning platform by 300 percent to support the digital foundation we will offer our clients. Aside from digital resources, we have been challenged to start producing content with higher added value that can benefit both companies and patients, instead of just focusing on selling. We want to address current needs, which right now are greatly based on implementing telehealth.

Now, more than ever, we are interested in creating solutions based on understanding the clients’ needs, not their problems because that is superficial. We are interested in getting to the root of the problem to then successfully tackle a long-term and sustainable solution in a profitable way.

Q: What are Grupo SANED’s near-term goals?

A: We want to tropicalize successful Spanish projects in Mexico because we see their scientific potential and an opportunity to offer added value. Our main objective is to grow our client network in Mexico and be able to generate social awareness among younger generations so they can start thinking more about their health. Our goal is to become the No. 1 provider of marketing services for the pharmaceutical industry and I trust we will get there through innovation and empathy.


Grupo SANED develops marketing, e-business and market access projects for the medical industry. The group is composed of medical writers, marketing experts, designers, programmers and experts in sanitary regulation

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