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PPAs Are the Road to Better Service

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 04/20/2020 - 17:10

Q: How are CHG-Meridian’s solutions helping doctors and changing future care models?

A: This a two-part job. We learn from each other based on doctors’ needs and our capabilities. Every job with each client is different because of that. For example, in one of the software solutions we were proposing to a client, it was the doctor who asked for certain components in the software. Everyone cooperates in different ways, whether it is providing knowledge in new trends, equipment or medical devices and that all leads to benefits for patients, which can come in various ways. New solutions can lead to more and better services with increased quality and lower costs for the patient. We also increase availability of some procedures and we make others less invasive or more efficient in time and quality.

Q: How interested are you in the public sector?

A: Traditionally, we do not participate in the public sector. However, the public sector in Mexico is very important in healthcare, so we are trying to introduce our directors in Germany to this reality. We do approach this sector but indirectly through clients that work with public institutions. A more direct relationship is among our midterm goals.

Q: How could PPAs boost health coverage in Mexico?

A: PPAs should be the future of the sector. Public institutions are oversaturated and having a hybrid service between the public and private sectors would be an excellent complement. It is just a matter of deciding  who does what to have a clean panorama of responsibilities and a functional system. This hybrid system is one of the best bets we can make to improve the overall system.

Q: How can Mexico participate in the technification of the healthcare sector?

A: All the technology and equipment used in the country comes from Europe or the US. However, when you enter this sector you realize that there are indeed Mexican companies working on patents and innovation. Right now, we are working with a company that is filing a significant number of patents. These companies have a lot of potential to keep growing in the market and become a reference in both the public and private sectors. Many of these small companies tend to grow exponentially, which means there are market opportunities in the sector that can also add value to society.

The synergy between equipment and Big Data would also make everything more efficient. It is not just about digitizing what you have but to connect it to a control system. Some hospitals have interoperability systems but there is a lot of work left. the information that we could get from technology does not just provide an answer but a prediction for and an optimization of the actual panorama. This would all translate to efficiency and to reducing times and costs.

Q: What are the main trends you see in the Mexican healthcare market?

A: The main trends are in patent filings, as well as in process efficiency to reduce costs for patients related to their stay in the hospital and their recovery. There is a window of opportunity, especially in the public sector due to its higher demand. The sector needs to change its practices to cope with demand, looking into the ambulatory trend to provide better services. Many of our clients are betting on this latter trend in Mexico, as well as on the possibility of home consults, treatment and recovery. Obviously, this would depend on the status of the patient but in many cases, it is possible for them to avoid a long stay at the hospital. 

Ambulatory practices are growing in metropolitan areas in Mexico where we see at least 10 hospitals under construction at the moment that are already taking this into consideration. These groups understand the trend and the importance of having hospitals of different magnitudes according to the needs and competition in the local market, which is a very intelligent move.

Q: What alliances or clients do you want to approach to grow in the market?

A: We are mostly interested in working with bigger hospitals and clinical laboratories. We want to take advantage of those partnerships because they normally seek to renovate equipment or to expand. We are also looking at the pharmaceutical industry; the nature of the equipment in this industry is different but we think we could participate in the market. Our goal is to keep exploring the market and understanding it in such a way that we can provide for it and help companies that are dabbling in new technological trends. We would also like to approach the public sector and to understand the wide range of needs it faces to provide an added value with our solutions.


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