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AMPIP Aims to Have All Top Industrial Parks Under its Umbrella

Claudia Esteves - AMPIP
Executive Director


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/10/2022 - 09:30

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Q: What role do AMPIP’s industrial parks play in Mexico’s economy?

A: AMPIP’s industrial parks are essential to the economies of the regions they operate in as  part of the strategic infrastructure that supply chains need. One of our focal points is the energy sector, which is essential for parks to operate. Our goal is to provide safe industrial parks by aligning with strict infrastructure regulations. Equally important for us are Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) goals because we are committed to providing sustainable operations.

International promotion through alliances with the Mexican Foreign Service and promotion agencies has been fundamental for our growth. Representation is another strategic point. AMPIP aims to represent all industrial parks in Mexico. The country now has about 700 industrial parks, of which 400 are part of AMPIP.  

Q: Why should an industrial park be part of AMPIP?

A: AMPIP has 36 years of experience and all of Mexico’s major real estate developers are members of the association, some of them having been members since AMPIP started. Those who are not part of AMPIP are losing networking opportunities and the chance to attract world-class tenants. We also function as facilitators for our members, lobbying on their behalf in regard to administrative processes.

Q: How does AMPIP support the attraction of foreign direct investment in Mexico?

A: When foreign countries want to invest, they conduct research regarding economic opportunities and approach local governments and associations. AMPIP approaches companies and offers information and resources in a wide variety of languages to help them identify the best location to establish their operations after analyzing their particular needs. Our approach has been increasingly recognized and investors are now approaching us. We are present in international arenas and the Mexican Foreign Service relies on us to attract opportunities.

Q: As AMPIP’s new Director General, what strategies will you implement to transform the association?

A: The association represents an essential sector and its objectives cannot be easily changed. Our operating guidelines are already established and the actors involved have vast experience in the topic. My role will be to expand and represent the organization, while introducing innovation to our practices. We have some very dynamic markets in the country, such as Monterrey and Tijuana, but we must also focus on Mexico’s southeast region. We have to create strategies to increase coverage and pay attention to other industries that can attract more clients. Market intelligence is essential in achieving this.

Q: What can be done regarding the saturation of industrial parks in Mexico City?

A: Saturation is a reality, so we must modernize industrial zones that are still using outdated operating models. Vallejo’s industrial area, for example, has not evolved into a world-class real estate development. We must help industrial parks evolve into digital parks and welcome new types of companies, such as data centers.

Q: What are the main challenges and opportunities for Mexico’s industrial parks?

A: Industrial parks are essential to Mexico’s manufacturing industries. The strategic importance of the sector forces it to be at the vanguard, to develop an infrastructure aligned with global standards and to collaborate with public entities to position the country as a safe location to operate. We must not forget that we work for Mexico.


The Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) is the business organization representing developers, owners, investors and managers of parks located all over the country.

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