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Bids For Third Mayan Train Segment Announced

By Pedro Alcalá | Wed, 04/29/2020 - 18:17

Even in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns, the Mayan Train is running on time, even before it is finished. Like clockwork, FONATUR released yesterday the names of all companies and consortia bidding on the third segment of the Mayan Train. A total of 16 bids were presented, compared with 14 for the first segment and 15 for the second segment. Despite the increase, there were some noticeable bidding absences. Lumat Consortium, the winning bidders for the first Mayan train segment (and the only winning bid announced so far for the project) did not participate on this third segment. Not even the companies composing the Lumat Consortium made an appearance in other consortiums or configurations this time around. Carlos Hank Rhon’s La Peninsular, which like Lumat had made an appearance on both of the previous bidding rounds for the construction of the Mayan Train’s first and second segments, did not participate in the third segment. 

The lowest bid came from the consortium headed by CAABSA Constructora, which also contains COMSA Infraestructura, Grupo Constructor Diamante and Prefabricados y Transportes PRET. Their bid was over US$411.19 million. CAABSA is a returning Mayan Train bidder, having already competed in the first and second segment bidding rounds. Curiously, in the second of those bidding rounds, CAABSA’s bid was the most expensive one at US$906.08 million. The highest bid in this third contest was proposed by first time bidders Acciona Infraestructura and Mexico Proyectos y Desarrollos. The companies themselves are anything but first time bidders: Acciona is a major energy and infrastructure developer from Spain and Mexico Proyectos y Desarrollos is the infrastructural development subsidiary of Mexican corporate giant Grupo México. Their bid was over US$725.71 million. Other returning bidders included Carlos Slim’s CICSA with US$536.61 million, ICA with US$441.23 million, Grupo CEMZA with US$455.60 million and Villahermosa’s Grupo Vazquez del Sur once again in consortium with other companies like CICPSA, CIACSA and Rubau with a bid of US$548.88 million. 

The third segment’s bids are lower than in the previous rounds. This could be due to the relatively shorter distance that this third segment will cover of only 172km, versus 227km for the first segment and 235km for the second. This distance will take passengers and potentially cargo from the town of Calkini, in the State of Campeche, to the town of Izamal, in the state of Yucatan. The winner of this round will be announced on May 15 and construction is scheduled to begin on May 25, assuming that sanitary authorities give the green light. The winning bids for the second segment are scheduled to be revealed tomorrow, April 30. Columnist Mario Maldonado published a piece in El Universal claiming that the winner of that round will be Carlos Slim’s CICSA. Maldonado interviewed FONATUR Director General Rogelio Jiménez Pons today on his radio show Bitácora de Negocios on El Heraldo Radio 98.5 FM

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FONATUR, MBN, El Universal
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Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst