Jesús Valdez
Miyamoto International CDMX
View from the Top

Building Resilient Infrastructure

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 17:43

Q: What added value can Miyamoto introduce into the Mexican industry?
A: The way to rebuild the city is through the creation of strategies to facilitate rebuilding and recovering properties. We understand that the owners of the buildings that collapsed during the Sept. 19 earthquake in 2017 have many doubts about engineering and they want certainty that their properties will be rebuilt in the best way possible. We offer engineering services for reconstruction and for new buildings. Miyamoto differentiates itself with our extensive experience across 23 offices worldwide, working with complicated soil such as that found in Japan and New Zealand. We follow national regulations but also the stricter international standards like California’s building codes.
Miyamoto’s philosophy is that engineering saves lives while keeping businesses running. We believe that structures must be designed to protect life. We are reviewing several projects that already have completed the structural engineering phase because investors want to be certain that there will be no structural mistakes and that their investments are safe. We specialize in different types of structural engineering and depending on the building type, we refer these evaluations to one of our international offices. In Mexico City’s case, we are working with Miyamoto Los Angeles.
Q: What opportunities did the Sept. 19 earthquake provide for Miyamoto to display its capabilities?
A: Regarding the opportunities, we think that in the first five years after a high-magnitude earthquake, people keep structural risk very present in their minds. But with time, this awareness fades, as happened in Mexico 32 years ago. Last year’s earthquake reminded people about the importance of structural engineering, which today has become a decisive factor when purchasing a property. This is a value that we can add for investors because Miyamoto has its own Structural Safety Certificate. Our brand experience provides certainty related to structural safety. A one-star certificate means that we reviewed and made recommendations on a given structural design, two stars mean that Miyamoto International carried out the structural design of a building and three stars implies that we designed the structure and supervised the construction. As a result, we can ensure that a building was constructed following the strictest international standards.
We have found that Mexican engineers are highly qualified in structural matters. But resources often force them to choose conventional constructive methods over their more sophisticated counterparts. We want to complement Miyamoto’s international experience with local knowledge and combine both strengths. For example, many international firms come to Mexico to learn about soil mechanics. Mexico City’s soil is really one of the most complicated in the world, so experience here can be applied anywhere in the world. We have national and international experience. We have worked in some of the tallest skyscrapers in Japan and the US. We have also carried out the engineering and design activities for the development of an isolated support for the statue of Michelangelo Pietà Rondanini in Milan, Italy. We know how to adapt our experience to different businesses and priorities.
Q: What role does Miyamoto International plan to play in the Mexican market over the next two years?
A: We are interested in working closely with project management firms. Our goal is to provide a full package for structural safety backed up by Miyamoto’s quality. We have also identified a huge potential for residential and corporate complexes. The industry is waiting to see how the next administration’s policies will unfold, which has put the brakes on development. Rental residences for co-working and co-living are also booming amid a modern and urban market. We will be focused on vertical building and infrastructure projects through companies that are being allocated the full package for engineering and construction. We hope to collaborate with a construction or construction supervision firm at NAIM. We do not plan to carry out more specialized projects for the moment.