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The Future Invites Us to Be More Present

By Hector Manuel Castellanos Frank - Grupo Casgo
Director General


By Héctor Castellanos | CEO - Wed, 03/01/2023 - 11:00

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The year began with changes and continuity for the construction sector, with the North American Leaders' Summit, which will trigger local opportunities for economic development. As well, there has been a marked technological acceleration, which in turn will bring surprising innovations and consolidate trends that emerged in a full pandemic, such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse. The future, ever closer, invites us to be more present and to be present in the moment when the future begins. 

Sustainability, industrialization, and logistics are the scaffolding that will support the construction narrative for this and the coming years, especially in Mexico, which, according to  Larry Fink, CEO of the BlackRock investment fund and speaking in Davos, Switzerland,"has ideal characteristics for locating production and supply chains to the US as part of the natural phenomenon of companies moving closer, while private capital is always looking for the best return on investment." 

Grupo Casgo's agenda, marked by the permanent search for transcendence, sustainability, industrialization, and logistics, has these points underlined as key pillars for our growth and our clients. 

Secrets, Our Environmental Manifesto

Since 2020, with the Secrets project, a resort and spa in Playa del Carmen, we have gained expertise in creating solutions via our construction systems, allowing us to minimize the environmental impact.

For this project we created a detailed environmental impact report, considering the conditions of native flora and fauna as well as the coastal dune and the protected environment within the property. In the case of flora, protected species were classified and a provisional nursery was created with them in areas suitable for their preservation, as well as important areas of vegetation being built to contribute to the hotel's aesthetics, improving the climate and creating shaded areas for visitors to rest and relax. As for the fauna, during the construction process, they were relocated to nearby areas with characteristics typical of their natural habitat, protecting them from the dangerous conditions generated by the construction work. But we didn’t stop there. Later, spaces were created with their conditions to be integrated into the landscape. 

Another essential part of the sustainability program was a wastewater treatment plant. It was designed, with grease separation sumps connected to the kitchen sanitary networks; infiltration wells were built for the rainwater collected in all the open-air areas. The air conditioning and lighting systems were automated. And we solved the water supply with water wells, to which a reverse osmosis system was installed for its potabilization and rejection wells. 

Finally, we created logistics for the transfer of hotel operations personnel from urban areas, using buses with a capacity of 45 to 50 passengers, contributing to a smaller number of vehicles circulating on highways and in urban areas during peak traffic hours. To finish off, we also implemented an airport-hotel-airport guest transportation system with similar vehicles.


At Grupo Casgo, we have been consolidating the understanding of the relocation of companies, also called nearshoring, an activity that, during 2022, left an economic impact of about US$30 billion in Mexico, with capital mainly from Asian firms. This trend has already consumed the industrial spaces in the north of our country and, as reported by the Real Estate Market & Lifestyle site, "In the most important corridors of the country there is already a waiting list of about 400 companies. This is because Mexico currently has unparalleled competitive capabilities due to a 5% growth in the manufacturing sector and 17% in exports so far this year." 

Thanks to our previous experience in the development of industrial warehouses, and our most recent work in the industrial plant for Tequila San Matias, we have the ideal conditions for the assembly of spaces for the substitution of imports with attractive characteristics for global firms that see in our country not only cost accessibility but also geopolitical advantages that unite the north and south of the continent and approach the synergy of the treaty between Mexico, the US and Canada (USMCA). 

For this reason, "Mexico is in fashion in Singapore,” says Francisco Ríos, member of the Board of Directors of the Singapore-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, adding that . “It will  become the manufacturing center for five Singaporean companies, which are considering investing in the construction of factories and will transfer their production lines from Asia to the Bajio and other regions of the country." 

Present Future 

Given this panorama, at Grupo Casgo, we are convinced of the importance of investing in technologies that help us to optimize the management of the processes in the face of these new realities that prefigure the tomorrow of the construction sector, always taking into account the human aspect as the axis of our work, both for users and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we remain committed to the environment that makes a better life possible for all. We truly believe that we must drive forward these changes and promote these processes and considerations to bring the future to us now.

Photo by:   Hector Manuel Castellanos Frank

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