Tulum Hotels Request Changes To Mayan Train Route
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Tulum Hotels Request Changes To Mayan Train Route

Photo by:   FONATUR
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Thu, 12/09/2021 - 18:09

David Ortiz Mena, President of the Tulum Hotels Association, has requested deeper dialogue with FONATUR regarding the impact that the Mayan Train’s route could have on local Tulum businesses, reports El Economista. Concerns were raised after requests were sent to Tulum hotel and business owners since some of the requested properties adjacent to the Tulum coast and the highway suggest the train would be blocking the entrances to many of these establishments. 

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Toluca-Mexico City Train To Be Inaugurated in 2023

After visiting one of the Mexico City-Toluca train construction sites, President López Obrador announced that the train would be inaugurated in 2023. He also informed that the project’s total cost would reach US$4.28 billion. López Obrador visited the site with State of Mexico’s Governor Alfredo del Mazo and Mexico City’s Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum. During his visit, the president highlighted the importance and progress of this project, which is a joint project undertaken by the governments of Mexico City and the State of Mexico and the Federal Government.

Mexico Approves US$31 Billion Bid on Kansas City Southern To Increase Rail Infrastructure

Mexican authorities have approved Canadian Pacific’s US$31 billion bid on Kansas City Southern to create a Mexico-Canada-US railroad linking. With pending shareholder’s approvals, this project could become the biggest railway company in North America. “This historic combination will add capacity to the US rail network, create new competitive transportation options, support North American economic growth, and deliver important benefits to customers, employees and the environment,” said Keith Creel, CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway.

Monterrey-San Antonio Train Confirmed

Mexico and US authorities have signed an agreement that would confirm plans for the Monterrey-San Antonio 100-250 mph high-speed train expected to pollute less than vehicles that jam the Laredo border. This agreement consolidates a passenger train link plan ambition that goes back to the 1980s. Nuevo Leon’s Mobility Minister, Hernán Villareal, announced that an agreement between US-Mexican parties has been signed, and a MX$2 million feasibility study for the San Antonio-to-Monterrey 300-mile service is being planned and expected to be coordinated by the SCT. 

AIAM Requests Transparency for Infrastructure Megaprojects

Ricardo Rodríguez, president of the Association of Engineers and Architects of Mexico (AIAM), asked that President López Obrador rethink his decree that protects the administration’s mega infrastructure projects, including the Mayan Train and the Santa Lucia Felipe Ángeles Airport, as matters of national security. Rodríguez called for transparency regarding these projects. “In the fight against corruption, we share the government’s views.,” Rodríguez said.

Photo by:   FONATUR

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