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Joseph Délano - Délano Schmidt & Kranz


Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 03/01/2021 - 11:44

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Q: What problems does Délano Schmidt & Kranz solve in the mining sector and what new innovations is it offering the market?

A: We are trying to provide the mining sector with more options regarding vehicles and solutions. We believe there are great opportunities to improve the efficiency of mines in Mexico, especially in the area of production through the use of vehicles that are well adapted to mines and through the implementation of high technology such as software and telecommunications that allow the vehicles to be connected to a mine’s operations center. We are offering a solution under Nerospec SK. This solution allows access to the telecommunications infrastructure that already exists in mines. It offers a complete solution to the mining industry that also reduces costs.

Q: How does the company ensure high-quality services?

A: Our clients prefer a local presence that provides a more personalized service. For this reason, the company offers products, technicians and spare parts. This has allowed us to guarantee that our clients have the company’s support at all times. For our short-term plans in Mexico, we want to implement a full-service workshop and an assembly line, which in the long term will become one of our biggest differentiators in the mining market. In addition, this will allow us not only to have greater coverage in Mexico but also in the US, Canada and Central America.

Q: What does the company think about doing business in Mexico?

A: Mexico is an important mining country and having a presence in this jurisdiction is essential if you work in mining. However, among the obstacles is the lack of certainty and reliability, which has serious consequences for international investment. Mexico is a country that is continuously growing and is highly attractive for investments due to the benefits it offers, especially when compared to other countries in South America. However, there is a risk factor that currently is affecting the credibility and guarantees for long-term investing in the country. This is one of the biggest challenges in the industry and I believe that the government and the sector must work together to create a more appealing image, both nationally and internationally.

Q: What products and services does the company offer?

A: The company’s experience in the sector allows us to identify the needs and understand the problems miners face. We offer a wide range of services and products for the mining industry, including 20-ton trucks such as the GHH Dump Truk MK-20, which is easy to use and maintain. We also have a line of resinous products that provide the formwork and robustness for mine tunnels to avoid gaps and water leaks. Through the implementation of high technology, we provide a less expensive solution compared to other similar services on the market.

We also provide products that do not have high levels of electronics, which can be very difficult to repair if the mine site does not have a sophisticated workshop. We offer products with high-quality engines. Our components are mostly of well-known brands that have several workshops that ensure prompt repair or service. The company knows that selling products is not the real business. It is the service we provide after the sale that is important, so we really make sure our customers know they can count on us.

In addition, there are many products that can increase the productivity and safety of a mine. An example is when a mine needs to conduct an explosion and has to evacuate all its personnel. Their return can be delayed due to many factors. However, an automated SK vehicle can enter the mine and remove products without wasting time or risking personnel.

Q: What alliances does the company want to make in 2021 and what are the benefits companies obtain when working with Délano Schmidt & Kranz?

A: This year, we are working strongly on our marketing efforts to show the market place our products and values. We have a couple of projects with the mining clusters who have been very open and helpful to support our initiatives. We also want to increase our presence in the contractor market. We want them to understand the benefits that our services and products provide, especially our vehicles, which will be seen as a new alternative in mining.

The main added value we offer our partners is a reliable technology and product. The company offers a high availability of its products and an excellent knowledge of how to use them efficiently in mining operations. We also have great knowledge of the market and technologies oriented toward digital marketing, which has allowed us to provide our partners with an important marketing tool.

Q: What goals does Délano Schmidt & Kranz want to achieve in 2021 and what are its strategies to achieve them?

A: Our goals imply 100 percent sales growth compared to last year. As part of our strategy, we intend to invest in digital marketing, hire new resources, include new brands in our portfolio, get closer to the digital and face-to-face market, continue with innovation and look for new business platforms.

We also have a strong interest in clean energies and innovation; for instance, hydrogen products that we want to promote in the Mexican market. Therefore, this year we want to participate in energy forums to inform potential customers of the benefits of hydrogen and its use in mining and other industries.

Délano Schmidt & Kranz (SK) was founded in 1885, producing shaft-sinking equipment and tunnel-drilling machines. Today, SK Holding consists of a group of companies focused on mining, construction and tunneling, recycling, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions, automation and related services.

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