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High Performance Gearboxes for Winch Applications

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 07/07/2021 - 12:48

Reggiana Riduttori has enhanced its offering with a new W Series catalog of planetary winch drives that will help the company provide more and better solutions for various industries. The new series increases the range of sizes and gear ratios, provides better delivery rates and ensures high-quality performance and durability, regardless of the application.

In early 2021, Reggiana introduced its W Series catalog for the mining, marine and construction sectors. The synergy between compact planetary technology and high lifting performance is the main feature of this new series. The expanded range of sizes bring the planetary winch up to 12 and improves the gear ratios, increasing the flexibility of Reggiana’s products.

While the new smart-design concept is based on the major markets and internal optimization logistics, the components themselves are standardized so assembly times are reduced to the benefit of delivery and after-sales service. Furthermore, the W Series has been designed to be competitive and capable of meeting the highest quality standards. DNV, ABS and ATEX certification can be requested for the whole range.

The winning features of the W Series are compactness and modularity, as well as the special composition and treatment of the oil seals that provide greater protection against external agents, ensuring easy maintenance. Planetary winch drives offer a wide range of applications, from small truck-mounted cranes to large ship winches with hydraulic or electric motors, offering the same quality of performance and durability.

Reggiana is among the market leaders for planetary winch drives, thanks to its investments in research and development, technical product knowledge and experience in specific sectors that allow it to meet specific customer needs. To deliver the best possible response, Reggiana listens to its clients to understand their concerns and their vision of the project.

For Reggiana, personal relationships, experience, and communication are as important as product quality. “We have to think globally but act locally. We must be close to the customer, understand their needs and determine what improvements can be made, find optimal package solutions for the customer's products and be cost-effective. Knowledge is crucial in that equation,” said Peter Kristensen, International Sales Director.

For almost 50 years, Reggiana Riduttori has been producing planetary and wheel gears that are made entirely in Italy for a wide range of applications in different industries, such as mining, agriculture, marine and mobility. The company was founded in 1965 and thanks to its business plan and high-quality products, it has become a global company with a presence on four continents.

The company is part of the Interpump Group and IPG's Power Transmission Business Area, which lists innovation as one of its main drivers. Through extensive R&D programs carried out by its Engineering Department, Reggiana incorporates innovation as a key element in its portfolio, from gear design to production. The new W Series catalog demonstrates how the company adapts its products to meet the market’s needs, satisfying demand by offering the best products.

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