Sonora to Keep Relevance as Mining State: Sonora Mining Cluster
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Sonora to Keep Relevance as Mining State: Sonora Mining Cluster

Photo by:   Albert Hyseni
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 05/12/2022 - 16:46

Fernando Estrada, recently appointed as Director General of the Sonora Mining Cluster said he commits to ensure the state maintains its place as the national leader in mining production. For this to happen, the industry must work hand in hand with other industrial sectors and the state’s government. 


Estrada recognized that one of the Cluster’s main challenges is to bring certainty and maintain an increased production. “Currently, we have an open agenda. The main challenge is to be a sector that actually produces, a sector that brings certainty and that aims to move forward despite all the trials we will face. [Sonora’s] mining sector has been under constant development. I believe that it will keep its vision and remain a national leader regarding production,” he said. 


Estrada highlighted that the Sonora Mining Cluster already gathered 216 associates including miners, suppliers and universities, among other organizations. The Cluster aims to promote new suppliers to enter the state and new technologies to strengthen the sector. 


According to Ramón Luna, President Sonora, the Mexican Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists, and Geologists (AIMMGM), surrounding communities often have a  bad perception of mining activity, although it contributes to 8 percent of the national GDP and 20 percent of the state’s GDP. AIMMGM Sonora has therefore organized informative panels to generate more awareness of the benefits mining brings to communities. 


“The mining industry is present in 30 municipalities of the state, we are in the state with the most Mexican mining professionals, both men and women,” Luna added. Sonora is the country’s main producer of gold, copper and coal. The state is also an important producer of silver, lead and zinc. According to Luna, the mining sector created over 1,000 direct jobs in the state. 


Sonora is also rich in lithium. According to local authorities, there are 12 lithium deposits in the state, including Ganfeng Lithium’s sizeable deposit. According to the company, the deposit located in Bacadehuachi  holds over 8.8 million tons of lithium and could produce around 17,000 tons annually by 2023.  


The Sonora Mining Cluster is a non-profit civil association that represents mining companies as well as other key players in the sector, with the aim to foster investment in the local industry.

Photo by:   Albert Hyseni

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