Jan Frowijn
Managing Director of Mexico and Latin America
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Integrity Management Drives Service Portfolios

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:06

Q: How does ROSEN work with CENAGAS and how has CENAGAS transitioned from reactive to preventive maintenance?

A: CENAGAS made a wise decision in gathering all the information on the assets handed over by PEMEX. This effort sets a good baseline in terms of information reliability, taking maximum advantage of the systems PEMEX has developed and maintained over the years. We are now performing in-line inspections and integrity assessments to draft its maintenance plan, which is an important step forward to change from being perceived as reactionary to a proactive way of maintaining these assets. In terms of our work with CENAGAS, its contracts are typically tenderbased. Therefore, there is no extension for the scope or duration of these contracts. Right now, we are closing two contracts that extended into this year and the next year and we are focusing on closing them with the same level of quality delivered last year. The contracts are connected to CENAGAS’ fiveyear plan, focusing on the liability of gas infrastructure development. To make the transition from reactive to preventive maintenance, the first step is to work toward a risk-based integrity management plan, inspection and assessment of the state of the assets. If you do not know the current status of the situation, it will eventually be more difficult to become proactive rather than reactionary.

Q: Do you believe companies in Mexico are adopting technology more readily than in the past?

A: I think the situation is quite the opposite. Although there are some project-based exceptions, the uncertainty in the market increases the likelihood of companies sticking with what they are familiar with, rather than looking for more advanced technologies. With some exceptions, the introduction of the latter tends to be perceived as an investment risk.

Q: What is ROSEN doing to diversify its offer in the country?

A: We are diversifying our workforce to increase business flexibility. Everything we do as a service company depends on our available technology and on how we transform that technology into a service for our clients. In the end, we are a people-based business. Without experience and competent employees, we would not be able to translate technology into value for our customer. Uncertainty within the oil and gas sector in the country has opened the door for us to develop our people to pursue projects both inside and outside of Mexico. Aside from pipeline inspection, we are focusing on integrity management to position ourselves in the early stages of project life cycles.

Q: How has the new federal administration affected your relationship with PEMEX?

A: We are an industry stakeholder and have been in continuous communication with PEMEX. Communication was difficult at first but there seems to be willingness to partner and collaborate. After all, Pemex is an integral part of Mexico’s petrochemical industry. We are making an effort not only to sell to our customers, but also to support them through training and education, helping to develop new talent in the industry.

Q: What are the cutting-edge solutions or products that ROSEN can deliver for pipeline integrity management?

A: Experience is extremely valuable in the midstream segment in Mexico and the industry still needs to figure out how maintain the years of experience of PEMEX as an industry. The critical issue in Mexico right now is making sure that knowledge and experience are successfully transferred to the new generations of leaders, both in the management and technological fields. This also applies the other way around due to the inflow of new ideas into organizations. Technologies like artificial intelligence are valuable and useful in pipeline integrity management. Reverse mentoring can help the older generation embrace these new ideas. If Mexico wants to be recognized as a worldwide benchmark from the integrity management perspective, soft aspects of the system will become more important.


ROSEN Group provides technological solutions related to maintenance throughout the process chain. The company focuses on maximizing asset safety and reliable infrastructure operations by ensuring data quality and integrity management.