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New Normality in Digital Communication

By Carlos Herrero | Thu, 08/13/2020 - 09:24

We've always heard that digital learners are Generation X and digital natives are millennials. Nevertheless, the new normality "during COVID-19" has launched us all into the same digital world where the empire of Big Data, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, streaming entertainment and gaming are the athletes who successfully reach the goal.

The hours of flight in the digital airplane are different depending on each generation, but reality will take us to the same destination. Many companies have been paralyzed or even annihilated by the pandemic, speaking in business terms. Obviously, technology companies such as pharmaceuticals and energy companies will enjoy new opportunities. While the rest of us must adapt to survive as the fittest, as well as, adapting to a defined digital evolution.

Digital is more than just technology. Digital is a concept, and technology is an instrument. In both, human intelligence shines channeled by the need to increase space and time, the two essential human coordinates. Speed is accurately measured in space by time and this will be what gives us the new normality as first learning: space and time change every 24 hours and this will generate a new speed.

Crises, which always appear as a particular moment of judgment and decision, reveal to us reality. Social differences, the difficulty of accessing the internet for many millions of people, the poor quality of the internet in some countries, the lack of family coexistence, those who rely on too many external circumstances to earn a daily living, the companies which have failed to understand changing times. Having a home to work for home office and live in is part of a social bubble, as well as, having a good internet connection and keeping our income. Something we should to be forgotten.

The pandemic and normality are not the same for all human beings in any country in the world, however developed it may be. Nor will it be the same for all companies. The new normal will not be normal at all. It will have digital and technological characteristics, previously understood but that will move on different terrains.
The starting point is in the discovery and realization of situations that turned out to be essential and relevant. Communication had been fundamental in this order of thought. As the great winners of this race, the growth of social media, contact networks such as WhatsApp and online entertainment are presented. At the most critical moments of reality or information the statistical curves show a higher degree of communication.
In the media world , for example, printed newspapers are the major protagonists in transforming platforms, content, audiences, publishing, and advertising. Information has entered a phase where digital content adds an undeniable value to its cost.

A few years ago the philosophical discussion on communication and the media focused on the supposed preponderance of the image and the electronic media. For more or less brief periods, the reflection moved towards social networks, and it was reflected with sour and inconsiderate tones, the anathemas for a reality that could continually enrich the media.

In a change fully seasoned by digital and thanks to this, greater viability has been granted to companies, greater availability of access to information, being able to enjoy entertainment and communication with distant beings, makes the concept of homo digitalis is increasingly present.
It is also curious that what science shows as the beginning of human intelligence: art, technique, the production of artifacts of a manual nature; keep pushing the concept of digitus: finger. After all, the same human being develops in space and time, with an intelligence moving and seeking to solve the daily problems that arise.

The normality of digital communication has been advanced 15 years. It has left wounded and dead on the road, but it has shown that the human being is capable of surviving everything when he puts intelligence at the service of good. The survival challenge of companies goes through the digital bridge. The communication developed through the new platforms will allow maintaining the quality of services and products. And every 24 hours you have to adapt to these changes.

Photo by:   Carlos Herrero