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Weekly Roundups
Mexico is finalizing the year with important financial operations as it looks into a complicated economic outlook.
Banking buildings
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Mexican bankers argue that competitiveness against fintechs is unregulated and lacks transparency in a fast-growing digital financial market.
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Though the majority of restructurings went to individuals, large business loans account for the largest value.
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Fintechs are growing in Mexico and their participation could bring greater financial inclusion for consumers in the country.
Graciela Márquez, Rocío Nahle, Carlos Slim and Arturo Herrera, among others, attended today's briefing in the National Palace.
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Highlights: AMLO announces 39 infrastructure projects, including five in energy worth MX$98.9 billion. Private sector is the ‘vaccine,’ says Romo…
Epidemiological traffic light system effective from July 20 to 26.
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New epidemiological traffic light is announced after last week’s was postponed. Over 736 new deaths and 7,257 more cases are reported since yesterday
IMSS Director of Medical Benefits Víctor Hugo Borja during yesterdays briefing.
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José Luis Alomía reports 770 new deaths and 4,930 more cases than yesterday; both daily increases are among the top three biggest in a daily report
Jose Luis Alomía and Hugo López-Gatell during June's 8 briefing in National Palace.
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Ministry of Health reported 2,999 more cases, raising total count to 120,102, of which 18,416 are still active, or with symptoms in the last 14 days
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Alejandro Díaz de León says before the COVID-19 pandemic, 127 SPEI participants had shown interest in CoDi.
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