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Stores and restaurants are still not out of the woods as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country.
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SADER and FAO in Mexico reviewed technical and financing proposals to boost Mexico's agricultural industry.
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With regenerative agriculture practices, the company manages to revitalize the Mexican countryside, ensuring its cultivable value in a sustainable way
Pablo Ricaud
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Pablo Ricaud Arriola
Rising Farms
No one would spill out a new puzzle on the table and expect to fit all the pieces at one time, nor 10 pieces. It needs to be done one piece at a time.
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The country may not reach the 27 million tons of corn production goal as the ban on herbicides, drought across the country and trade concerns prevail.
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Due to budget cuts, Mexico may not meet its expected corn production goals.
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Several US companies sent a message to the US Secretary of Agriculture complaining about Mexican policies related to biotechnology.
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Several associations have developed strategies to help small producers to be taken more into consideration and to have better opportunities.
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