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Mexico has been severely affected by recent global inflationary pressures, leading to a national increase in prices.
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The multinational telecommunications company increases its buyback by MX$26 billion, then sells 100 percent of its interest in TracFone to Verizon.
Mexico's Digital Infrastructure Grows
Weekly Roundups
To become competitive, the IMT will digitize the country’s logistical infrastructure, which will be supported by AI and 5G in the near future.
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico is ready to implement 5G technology and major financial digitalization as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the fintech revolution.
America Movil to Bring 5G to Latin American Soon.
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America Movil has seemingly won the 5G race in Mexico and looks to close a TracFone deal after a difficult third quarter.
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In #2Q20, América Móvil disconnected 1.7 million users in Mexico due to mobility restrictions and lack of income stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic
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Weekly Roundups
The need for speed in internet connection will cause 5G to be deployed much faster in Mexico. Read more on this week’s roundup!
The need to have a faster internet connection will cause 5G to be deployed in a more accelerated way in Mexico
Stock Market
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Walmart surpasses América Móvil and becomes the company with the most value by capitalization in the Mexican Stock Exchange.
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