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The 12th Combined Congress of Mexican Energy Associations concluded that such plays must be incorporated to meet 2030’s energy demand. 
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Rogelio Hernández Cázares has resigned as CNH President in the wake of recent skirmishes with the government.
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The CNH’s latest findings put unconventional gas resources at 141.5tcf.
PEMEX workers
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s struggle for energy self-sufficiency and ECLAC’s new report on natural gas national production are among this week’s top stories!
Natural gas facility at night-time.
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As investments in the energy industry continue to rise, private companies’ leaders point out to the untapped potential of natural gas production.
Merlin Cochran, Director General, AMEXHI
View from the Top
Merlin Cochran
Director General
Successes from the 2015 bidding rounds should give the government pause, while unconventional resources are an untapped opportunity: Merlin Cochran.
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The NOC announced its latest results as a counter argument to Moody’s credit rating downgrade.
MOGS-MBN-2021-01-0900-Time to Capitalize
To make the oil and gas sector a pillar for Mexico’s development, Mexico must make optimal use of its resources.
The number of discoveries that took place during the pandemic demonstrates the unstoppable nature of Mexico’s resource potential.
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