Jesus Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Expert Contributor
Jesus Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Chaiman of the Advisory Board
AMIA (Mexican Academy of Environmental Impact)
Mining and the Lack of Legal Certainty ... Again
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The Mexico City government announced a project with AMIA to introduce measures that aim to decrease the use of polluting vehicles in the city.
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Mexico’s automotive production has decreased due to the pandemic, explains international industry organization.
José Zozaya - AMIA
View from the Top
José Zozaya
The President of AMIA shares his views on the sector’s recovery, sustainability trends and the role of stakeholders in promoting FDI
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Global semiconductor and natural gas shortages and energy interruptions led to a production downfall in Puebla.
Jesús Enrique Pablo
Expert Contributor
Jesús Enrique Pablo Dorantes
Chairman of the Advisory Board
National Academy for Environmental Impact AMIA, A.C
The court has ratified the Mining Law’s constitutionality regarding indigenous communities. What comes next?
Automotive parts
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Between March and June 2020, 64,285 automotive jobs were lost. By October 2020, 49,017 of them had been recovered, says INEGI.
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The pandemic is still affecting Mexico’s automotive sector, which started the year with decreased production and sales.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Sector leaders expect the sector to grow 24 percent in 2021. Commercial vehicle production dropped 31.4 percent. This is the Week in Automotive!
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