Robert Perez
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Robert Pérez
Region Leader and Vice President for South America and Mexico
Baker Hughes
Pérez talks about Baker Hughes’ upstream activities while also showcasing its downstream work at Dos Bocas.
Spencer Davis on Unsplash
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The safe and efficient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines involves a complex, careful process at every step of the supply chain. Read more here.
OCASA Logistics_IMG_2019_Alesio Bereciartu
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Alesio Bereciartu
Commercial Director of the Life Sciences Division Latin America
OCASA doubled its volume of general deliveries during COVID-19 by supporting companies, governments and patients in controlling the virus’ spread.
Person holding flasks
Weekly Roundups
Vaccine development, medication distribution and international agreements are some of the topics discussed in this week’s roundup
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Latin America is one of the regions most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mexico and Argentina announce collaboration to address the outbreak.
Ricardo Olmos, Uala
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Ricardo Olmos
Country Manager
Today, Ualá has more than 100,000 users In Mexico and its goal is to increase that number fivefold in the short term
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The country has experienced increments followed by energy prices and food. The trend persists in Latin America.
Diplomacy Can Also Solve A Health Crisis
Weekly Roundups
Unity and collaboration have been banners in the fight against COVID-19, and remain so a year into the pandemic.
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Lithium prices are expected to go up as the market recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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