CFE responds to damages from Hurricane Olaf
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In anticipation for hurricane Olaf, CFE deployed personnel and equipment to the region and are currently working to reestablish power.
LNG Tanker
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NFE’s LNG facility begins operations and can help alleviate a lack of energy supply in Baja California Sur.
Tourism was heavily impacted by the pandemic, but it shows signs of recovery, mainly due to tourism infrastructure investment.
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Zurita, Francisco, Northland Power Energía
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Francisco Zurita
Director of Business Intelligence
Northland Power Energía
Zurita believes it is imperative for members of Mexico’s energy industry to take the needs of the country’s transmission infrastructure seriously.
President López Obrador said energy and communication projects are included in the investment plan with private sector.
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Highlights: AMLO says investment plan includes energy, communication projects. ‘Respectfully’ asks parties to donate 50 percent of their budgets…
Power Poles
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CENACE has announced it will not simply interconnect renewable energy power plants to the electrical grid if they are located in Baja California Sur.
raul gonzalez mexico country manager saipem offshore
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Raúl González
Mexico Country Manager
Saipem Offshore
"We see greenfield projects that can add significant volumes of production being prioritized over brownfield projects involving maintenance"
President López Obrador addressed the importance of security cabinet meetings during today's daily briefing in Baja California Sur.
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Highlights: AMLO announces talks with Yaqui community to change Guaymas-El Oro gas pipeline. No changes in federal plan to face COVID-19…
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