Mauricio Blanc
Expert Contributor
Mauricio Blanc
Director Mexico
Omron México S.A. de C.V.
Industry 4.0 is a strategy — a journey that requires extensive planning and alignment of resources, processes and systems, writes Mauricio Blanc.
Can C-Suite Executives Afford to Dismiss Enterprise AI?
Company leaders risk falling behind as AI-assisted decision making helps competitors disrupt industries.
Ethical Questions and Evolving Digital Strategies
Weekly Roundups
This week highlighted the constant debate of ethical technology applications and public policy.
Germán Peralta
Startup Contributor
Germán Peralta
These four supply chain elements can help retailers keep up with the transformation of an incessantly changing world, writes Germán Peralta.
Aldo Zerecero, Vice President of Sales, VTEX Mexico
View from the Top
Aldo Zerecero
Vice President of Sales
VTEX Mexico
E-commerce companies have grown in tandem with the digital landscape but those that have learned to harness market insights have grown faster.
5G Network
Weekly Roundups
América Móvil announced the launch of its 5G network in 18 cities in Mexico, a pivotal development for the country’s growing digital landscape.
Data 4.0 :  A Data-Driven Circular Economy
News Article
The data paradox, refers to the inability to analyze data at the pace with which it is being generated, calls for institutions to rethink the rules.
Digital solutions continues to drive market competitiveness.
Weekly Roundups
The competitive edge companies have gained through digital solutions continues to drive investments in technology solutions.
Data Driven Business Decisions
Weekly Roundups
In an increasingly digital economy, businesses are turning to big data to inform downstream decisions.
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