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Highlights: López Obrador will present a reform to eliminate electricity subsidies granted to companies that pay less than domestic users.
Weekly Roundups
An issue with Mexico’s largest companies and a new wind farm contract are among this week’s top stories.
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President López Obrador said that he wants to investigate why companies pay less for electricity than private citizens to open a dialogue.
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The company is implementing several sustainable projects to generate 100 percent of the electricity it consumes.
Patricio Bichara, Collective Academy
View from the Top
Patricio Bichara
Collective Academy
Patricio Bichara, CEO of Collective Academy, explains the impact of online education in times of pandemic.
Soda drinks
Weekly Roundups
Coca-Cola FEMSA is not going to let the new labeling reform stand without a fight.
new labeling, products
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How will the new labeling on drinks and processed foods affect companies? Some estimate to see the impact until 2021
N95 face mask
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As the PPE supply chain becomes more crucial by the day, an American company that struck a deal to expand in Mexico illustrates the challenges ahead.
China's industrial production 2 percent contraction in February had a domino effect on trade
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A US$50 billion drop worldwide in manufacturing exports in February alone was recorded, according to the UNCTAD
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