Fabrice Serfati
Expert Contributor
Fabrice Serfati
General Partner & Managing Director
IGNIA Partners
Even if an active IPO market in Mexico remains distant, we should remain optimistic that the critical mass is being built, writes Fabrice Serfati.
Cox Energy
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Enrique González
Executive Vice President of Investor Relations and Communications
Cox Energy America
Cox Energy, in 2020 the only company to debut on the BIVA, seeks to lay the foundations for the Latin American renewable energy industry.
Bonds Stocks
Weekly Roundups
Mercado Libre pushes sustainability with successful placement of green bond options.
News Article
Miniso, which arrived in Mexico in 2016 and now has 181 stores in the country, announced its entrance to the Mexican stock market.
News Article
Beel Infrastructure Partners launched the first non-banking platform that will fund sustainable projects in Mexico
News Article
Cox Energy issued an IPO on July 1 for up to MX$26.4 million (US$1.18 million) worth of shares through BIVA.
News Article
Commercial space flight moves forward as private companies ramp up their efforts to take tourists to space.
Stock Chart
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Plummeting oil prices and stock underperformance threaten the economy. The country, however, is prepared to face the turmoil: SHCP
María Ariza, CEO of BIVA
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María Ariza
Many people assume that the stock market is only affordable to big and experienced actors, BIVA's goal is to change this perception.
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