Inflexibility and Stress Stifle Innovation, Growth
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Companies that ignore employees’ demands for flexibility and the signs of stress will incur large expenses, warn industry experts.
New Labor Justice System: A Monumental Achievement
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The USMCA trade agreement gives way to the formation of a new, reformed labor justice system in Mexico, said the US Department of Labor.
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Amidst the pandemic, Human Resources are working to enhance workplaces to keep employees productive, while prioritizing their wellbeing.
Carlos Andres de Silva, Vice President of Human Resources, DHL Express Mexico
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Carlos Andres de Silva
Vice President of Human Resources
DHL Express Mexico
Company value propositions need to be continually adapted to the changing needs of its contributors says Carlos Andres de Silva, VP HR, DHL.
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To keep collaborators inspired, strategies to enhance communication and create trust bonds need to be implemented.
pandemic, social media, digital detox
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Digital exhaustion is becoming a more recurrent problem for employees, making digital wellness programs a priority.
Lucha Libre AAA
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Last weekend, three garbage collectors made a video showing their wrestling skills. Lucha Libre AAA is now offering them work as official wrestlers.
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