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Francisco Cervantes, President of CONCAMIN, committed to become the liaison between CAMESCOM and the Ministry of International Trade.
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CAMESCOM is strengthening its ties with Mexico as it develops strategies to continue supporting its growth.
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The confederation will open its first representation in Europe to promote trade and to help companies in their internationalization process.
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Spain is the European FDI leader in Mexico and despite the pandemic, the commitment to doing business in Mexico continues, says CAMESCOM.
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For Mexico to really seize the opportunities USMCA creates, it will have to invest more in R&D.
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Our interviewees attempt to answer this complex question.
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Spanish-capital companies maintain their commitment to invest in Mexico in 2020. However, they ask for certainty from the current government, mainly…
Joana Torrents
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Joana Torrents
Director General
Spanish Chamber of Commerce (CAMESCOM)
Large Spanish companies such as Gas Natural Fenosa, ACCIONA and Iberdrola are playing an important role in Mexico’s new energy market development
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