Salvador Ortíz
Salvador Ortíz
SAI Derecho & Economía

The energy industry is not vastly discussed in NAFTA except in the chapter regarding investment protection. There is still uncertainty about the potential impact from President Trump’s policies on Mexican industries but there are still plenty of factors to be examined besides his comments. More than half of Mexico’s gasoline consumption comes from imports, of which 80 percent comes from the US, not to mention gas. Such a massive amount of product being traded between the US and Mexico cannot simply be transferred to another country or region. Companies know that and are willing to protect their interests and get them recognized. Imagine a scenario in which the White House decides to cut gas trade with Mexico. Will it start trading with Europe or Asia at much higher costs, therefore bringing losses for the companies?

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, eventual President Donald Trump promised to rip up NAFTA as soon as he took office
CaRlos MuRrieta
View from the Top
Carlos Murrieta
Director General
PEMEX Transformación Industrial (PEMEX TRI)
Petróleos Mexicanos is the most important company in Mexico, an international reference in the field of hydrocarbons.
MOGS 2017
News Article
Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2017: Revitalizing Mexico’s Refining and Petrochemical Industries panel hihglights
Hugo Sánchez
Hugo Sánchez
Oil and Gas Sales Manager
Dorot Mexico

PEMEX needs to begin seeing safety as an investment, because until now they have seen it as an additional cost. Refineries growth in the past 50 years has been impressive, but it is important to consider modernizing their fire safety systems. Robust systems are vital to guarantee safety in any type of accident. The bestcase scenario is that that a big company like Shell or BP comes here to fund the safety systems of these plants. Not meeting safety standards puts PEMEX at risk of several negative circumstances. It risks falling short of insurance company’s minimum requirements in order to maintain their insurance premium. The company could negate the premium rate for not complying with its safety requirements. Additionally, it risks a significant accident occurring

But much still needs to be done. We asked a range of industry players: how can Mexico raise its oil and gas safety standards?
This has been an exciting year during which we have started start reaping the benefits from all the hard work of the past years
According to the company’s preliminary results for 2012, Pemex’s crude oil production actually dropped 0.2% in nominal terms.
The headlines in 2009 were that Pemex was running out of crude; that is not the case anymore