High Voltage Electricity Cables
Since the beginning of his administration, President López Obrador has tried to reshape the electricity industry in favor of state-utility CFE.
Juan Manuel Ávila Hernández
Expert Contributor
Juan Manuel Ávila Hernández
CEO & Co founder
Top Energy
A united opposition defeated the administration’s energy reform but is that enough to wash away uncertainty for good? Juan Ávila explores the issue.
Alejandro Blanco Moreno, TradeOn Energy
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Alejandro Blanco-Moreno
TradeOn Energy
TradeOn Energy's cofounder explains the company's efforts to add liquidity to Mexico's still budding electricity market.
CFE, Mexico
News Article
Citing COVID-19’s effects, Mexico’s CENACE has indefinitely suspended tests for new renewable energy projects in the country.
Leon Lopez of Cuatrecasas
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Leon Lopez
Co-managing partner
Cuatrecasas Mexico
You need to be aware of the lines in the sand, knowing where you can push and where you cannot.
Weekly Roundups
COVID-19 deals heavy blow to the solar energy industry. Check out our weekly roundup!
Eduardo Piquero
News Article
On Wednesday at the Mexico Energy Forum, MÉXICO2’s Director General Eduardo Piquero explained what lies ahead for CELs in energy financing.
Jeff Pavlovic
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Jeff Pavlovic
Bravos Energía
The company discusses its role in the administration of generation assets and load centers in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market.
Weekly Roundups
Engie took on the challenge of boosting the energy transition through new agreements and investments, CELs in Mexico are still on debate and a new…
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