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Leon Lopez
Co-managing partner
Cuatrecasas Mexico
You need to be aware of the lines in the sand, knowing where you can push and where you cannot.
by Jan Hogewoning
Weekly Roundups
COVID-19 deals heavy blow to the solar energy industry. Check out our weekly roundup!
by Dalia Maria de León
On Wednesday at the Mexico Energy Forum, MÉXICO2’s Director General Eduardo Piquero explained what lies ahead for CELs in energy financing.
by Cas Biekmann
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Jeff Pavlovic
Bravos Energía
The company discusses its role in the administration of generation assets and load centers in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market.
Weekly Roundups
Engie took on the challenge of boosting the energy transition through new agreements and investments, CELs in Mexico are still on debate and a new…
by Dalia Maria de León
Alan Sakar
Alan Sakar
Associate in Project Development and Finance
Clifford Chance

In the first and second auctions, CFE was the sole purchaser and virtually absorbed a measurable off-taker’s risk. Starting with the third auction, the Clearing House will represent a pool of purchasers per auction. Clifford Chance applauds the authorities’ design efforts when structuring the electricity auctions. We understand that some banks were involved in the structuring of the Clearing House, which is a strong sign that the government took into consideration certain bankability issues, which the banks would likely raise during the financing of the projects. We have no doubt this model will be replicated in other countries in the coming years. The success of the upcoming auctions will be largely based on the independent performance of CENACE, which will manage the risk of buyers’ nonpayment, the guarantees and the reserve funds.

Unlocking a country’s entire electricity sector to private initiative is not something done overnight.
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Paolo Romanacci
Director General
Enel Green Power México
Enel Green Power's Mexican portfolio includes 728MW of installed capacity and 1,282MW of projects under construction.
Power allocation was declared deserted during the first longterm electricity auction.
The auction mechanism has been hailed both locally and internationally, given the overall positive results attained.
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