President López Obrador and Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer awarded Aura Erazo Valle for her 52-year career in ISSSTE.
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Highlights: COVID situation in Chihuahua is being assessed after downgrade to red in the epidemiological traffic light. Says more loans are needed…
Avocado tree
Weekly Roundups
With a new trade agreement, new labeling laws and an ongoing pandemic, representatives in Jalisco have decided to create a guide to help producers.
FONATUR and UIF signed agreement
Weekly Roundups
FONATUR has signed an agreement guaranteeing that all Mayan Train financial operations are legal. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Tarsicio Carreon - Cluster Automotriz de Chihuahua
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Tarsicio Carreon
Chihuahua Automotive Cluster
Learn more about the cluster’s strategies to overcome the pandemic and Chihuahua’s successful local supply chain.
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Peter Dougherty
President & CEO
Argonaut Gold
Argonaut is lowering operational costs and investing in exploration and drilling to extend the life of its operations.
Adolfo Viramontes of Bell Flight
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Adolfo Viramontes
General Manager
Bell Flight Mexico
Bell Flight’s operations in Chihuahua continue to grow thanks to the versatile use of helicopters, explains its General Manager.
Weekly Roundups
The government has made some controversial decisions lately that could potentially have a significant impact on small producers.
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Teresa Cornejo
Director General
Alchisa's value proposition is in high demand due to its technical service, which helps customers extend the life of their equipment and…
pure silver
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Ingrid Putkonen PhD
Managing Director
Mining is often seen as part of the world’s problems. Actually, the industry can and must be part of the solution.
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