Juan Fernando Flores Ruiz, Director General at Green Energy Fuels / SIFRAP
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Juan Fernando Flores Ruiz
Director General
Green Energy Fuels / SIFRAP
Regulation is the common ground where the authorities and companies create the pathway to making forms of business a reality.
Drilling Rig
CNH said that new fracking projects only concerned remaining exploration. Nonetheless, first steps toward fracking have already been taken in Mexico.
Jeimy Carolina Mathison Jiménez director general of kasoil
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Jeimy Carolina Mathison Jiménez
Director General
"We hope for better times ahead, but what is important is to promote the idea that this industry moves forward regardless." 
offshore platform
A new study by Cayros Group challenges current assumptions regarding which contracting model works best for Mexican E&P.
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell, Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell and Health Promotion Head, Ricardo Cortés on today´s briefing
Hugo López-Gatell said Mexico City authorities would make the wise decision to rely on Cuban experts given the lack of staff in national territory
Fernando Flores
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Fernando Flores
Director General
Frap Soluciones Integrales
"Many of these companies come to Mexico with their entire law firm, which is then clueless in its pursuit of regulatory compliance."
CONACYT head María Elena Álvarez-Buylla during April's 23 briefing
CONACYT announces four models designed and developed by scientists from several institutions using parts manufactured by private companies
Warren Levy, Jaguar E&P
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Warren Levy
Jaguar E&P
Jaguar E&P's Warren Levy talks us through his company's onshore developments and flying the flag for natural gas in Mexico.
yann kirsch
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Yann Kirsch
Perseus Energy
"We will hopefully be able to keep this incremental improvement going throughout our entire drilling campaign. "
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