Juan Pablo Romero Rubello
Expert Contributor
Juan Pablo Romero Rubello
Senior Advisor (ICT) for Mexico and Central America
Business Finland
Juan Pablo Romero Rubello
To act against cyberthreats, it is crucial to constantly observe and learn. Finland’s experience can provide great examples, writes Juan Pablo Romero.
MCS22-art-01-1300-Industrial Cybersecurity
News Article
In the face of growing cyberthreats, the primary focus of industrial companies should be to help bridge the security gap between OT and IT.
MBF22-MBN-2022-02-0900-Gen Z- Getting to Know
News Article
Understanding Generation z is now central to business strategy development, says Google’s Julian Coulter.
AeroMexico's airplane in AICM
News Article
Business people are worried that Mexico City’s main airport is not receiving enough investment to improve its infrastructure.
Miguel Castuera | Conekta
View from the Top
Miguel Castuera
Vice President of People
Designing a culture with a value proposition that transcends the company itself is a powerful talent magnet, says Conekta’s Miguel Castuera.
Diana Catarino
View from the Top
Diana Catarino
Manager- Mexico & Central America
Data software technology will see high demand in 2022, says Diana Catarino, adding that IMDEX has been a part of this trend for years.
Martín Yáñez
View from the Top
Martín Yáñez
Autronic SA de CV
Yañez discusses the future of mining, trends revolutionizing the sector and the opportunities that the pandemic has opened to companies like Autronic.
What role does the state play in the development of Mexico´s aerospace industry?
Connectivity, 5G & Autonomous Vehicles
Panelists at Mexico Automotive Summit discuss the benefits of 5G and C-X2V technologies and how they will impact manufacturing and mobility.
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