Private Sector Health Workers Demand Vaccines
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Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll among health professionals is the highest globally, with doctors and nurses having to protest for vaccines.
Karel Fucikovsky
Expert Contributor
Karel Fucikovsky
Director of Medical Care Mexico
Pierre Fabre Pharma
Tourism and its associated services are in intensive care. It’s time to include them in the national vaccination strategy, says Karel Fucikovsky
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With more tests made available and new technology for vaccine distribution, there are new possibilities to fight the pandemic.
Miguel Barbeyto
View from the Top
Miguel Barbeyto
Mazda de Mexico
Mazda ended 2020 with better-than-expected results. Its CEO in Mexico believes the particular charm of the brand is one of the reasons why
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DHL Express designed a holistic solution to distribute Pfizer’s and other future vaccines in Mexico.
Rappi, Mexico
Weekly Roundups
Rappi reported monthly growth of more than 20 percent during 2020
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Buen Fin is finally here. ANTAD released sanitary requirements, as well as its forecast on sales.
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Based on 3Q20 results, economic recovery could be viable but only if proper contention measures are implemented, says Gabriel Yorio.
Phone with an online shop on screen
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COVID-19 has created a more urgent need for digitalization and those who heed the call are noticing positive results.
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