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López Obrador announced that Mexico will host negotiations between Maduro’s government and his opposition to improve Venezuela’s political crisis.
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From May to September, the crisis generated by COVID-19 left a balance of 390,000 economic units less, reported INEGI
Gustavo Romero, LendInc
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Gustavo Romero
Director General
As more companies turn to credit amid the pandemic, LendInc’s digital approach has helped it seize these opportunities
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It is vital for companies to read the situation around them. How can they be creative in the face of crisis?
G20 meeting
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G20 energy ministers, encouraged by Saudi Arabia and IEA, are having an urgent meeting this week to discuss the current global energy situation.
Hector Herrera
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Hector Herrera
Haynes and Boone
In 2015, PROFEPA inspected 1,130 mining units in Mexico, and of those, 71 were closed due to lack of compliance
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