Looming Tech Market Crash?
Weekly Roundups
As technology stocks tumble in exchange markets, is another dot-com bubble on the way? This and more in the weekly roundup.
Jorge Huerta, Chief Business Development Officer, X-Data
View from the Top
Jorge Huerta
Chief Business Development Officer
The intangibility of data has led some to think it does not have value. Nothing could be further from the truth, says X-Data’s Jorge Huerta.
Gabriela Rodríguez, Regional Manager, Evaluar
View from the Top
Gabriela Rodríguez
Regional Manager
The skills needed by organizations changed with the emergence of a digital-first economy, says Evaluar’s Gabriela Rodríguez.
Becoming Data Driven; Extracting Added Value
Weekly Roundups
While organizations have been quick to accumulate data, extracting its added-value is still a work in progress.
Education is Key in Times of Volatility
Weekly Roundups
Individuals and companies look to educational tools to succeed in a market defined by volatility.
MTF2022-The Future of Recruitment
News Article
The recruitment process continues to advance, but it is not a replacement for human decision-making, according to industry experts.
Digital solutions continues to drive market competitiveness.
Weekly Roundups
The competitive edge companies have gained through digital solutions continues to drive investments in technology solutions.
Meta to Finish Building World's Fastest Supercomputer
News Article
The Metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg aims to create will require the processing capabilities that can only be provided by supercomputing.
AI Becomes More Accurate
News Article
A new training model enables AI to now identify “invisible” data, an ability formerly seen only in humans.
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