Apple Pay, Mexico,
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Analysts agree Apple Pay is growing at an accelerated pace. Its arrival in Mexico is part of this fast rise
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In the latest Digital Banking Report in Mexico 2020, there is an increase in platform users.
American Express, Jorge Lara
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Jorge de Lara
Vice President of Global Commercial Services at American Express Mexico and Latin America
American Express is enhancing digital payment methods so that businesses and companies are able to transact digitally
Economic Recovery
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Though Arturo Herrera has said that it will only take a few months for the country to gain back what it has lost, experts do not agree.
QR payments
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Alejandro Díaz de León says before the COVID-19 pandemic, 127 SPEI participants had shown interest in CoDi.
Digital payments in Mexico
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The future of financial services is digital and the banking industry is aware of it. Banks are investing in improving their digital services.
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