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With Deer Park and Dos Bocas, more than one million barrels per day of gasoline and 527,000 barrels of diesel will be reached.
Roberto Vazquez, Eaton
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Roberto Vazquez
Vice President and General Manager
Eaton Crouse Hinds Series
Power management company has seen a rise in demand for its product, mainly owing to the construction of Dos Bocas, says Roberto Vazquez.
PEMEX workers
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s struggle for energy self-sufficiency and ECLAC’s new report on natural gas national production are among this week’s top stories!
Weekly Roundups
López Obrador inaugurated the Olmeca refinery. However, more construction work is needed to make it truly operational.
Weekly Roundups
Experts warned that the poor planning of the recently inaugurated Olmeca refinery will generate more financial losses for Mexico.
Government officials cut the chord of the Dos Bocas refinery.
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López Obrador’s flagship energy self-sufficiency project finally reached its inauguration date, despite its unfinished construction and controversies.
Petro and Francia Marquez
As left-wingers gain ground in Latin America, it is worth noting this pink tide resurgence is far from a monolithic phenomenon.
Workers at construction site
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CMIC’s leader is displeased with the federal government’s focus on projects like the Mayan Train or the Dos Bocas Refinery, which benches SMEs.
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IMCO says the construction and operation of Dos Bocas will cause more financial and refining losses to the country.
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