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It is estimated that the value of the agriculture drone market in Latin America will reach approximately US$600 million in 2023.
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The state celebrated fairs that promoted foreign direct investment in Mexican companies in the region.
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The project was recognized by the SICT, which highlighted its success as a major achievement for Mexico. This and more in the week in aerospace.
Héctor González, Director General, ASESA MRO
View from the Top
Héctor González
Director General
Mexico has one of the world’s largest helicopter fleets, generating great opportunities for maintenance services, ASESA MRO's Director Hector…
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Weekly Roundups
The aerospace industry continues to invest in green technologies. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Carlos Robles
Expert Contributor
Carlos Robles
President and Head of Aerospace
AMBE Engineering
International airshow puts the future in the spotlight and highlights the opportunities for Mexico to shine, writes Carlos Robles.
Armando Guevara, CEO, Gtt NetCorp
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Armando Guevara
Gtt NetCorp
Guevara explains how geospatial robotic solutions are improving mining operations and why Mexico can become a world leader in this technology.
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Weekly Roundups
As Mexican aviation sees a recovery, global innovations enter the market.
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