Employment in Mexico is at risk due to the effect of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy.
by Cas Biekmann
The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the US economy, but has opened up import opportunities for Mexico. What are Mexico's economic opportunities?
by Alessa Flores
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Marcela Flores
Lockton México
Lockton México is a consultant focused on risk benefits, actuarial consulting, compensations, risk and insurance management, bonds and automobiles.
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Sara Gómez-Ortigoza
Director General
MSC Cruceros Mexico
“The secret is to plan in advance. When travelers plan their trips in advance, they can access better prices and travel with more options.”
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Gabriel Pizá
Managing Partner
Pizá Attorneys at Law
Pizá Attorneys at Law is a Mexican law firm that specializes in labor law. Its areas of practice include labor consulting and compliance
Gabriel Aparicio
Country Manager
Kelly Services
“To help the country move forward, we must be promoters of formal employment, which is the only thing that will make the country grow.”
Francisco Hernández
Director of New Projects
Grupo Accses
Those that are happy at work, who feel appreciated and protected, are more productive and more loyal to the company
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