Mexico's Economy
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In the worst-case scenario, Mexico could suffer an 8.6 percent economic fall in 2020 and a slow economic recovery in 2021.
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The pandemic has strongly affected Mexicans’ income. However, not everyone is suffering equally.
Mental Health during COVID-19
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What to do in moments of mental struggle? How to help your staff during this crisis? Here are some recommendations.
Home Office
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Employees today are having to adjust their mindset in regards to work from home & this will greatly depend on the guidance they receive from…
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Mexico is exhorting its citizens to stay at home during the long Easter holiday. That’s bad news for the tourism industry.
C-FTJV Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8
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Airbus is temporarily stopping its manufacturing plant in Mobile and Boeing is shutting its 787 North Charleston site. To find more about it:
A professional at work
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Employment in Mexico is at risk due to the effect of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy.
US dollar
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The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the US economy, but has opened up import opportunities for Mexico. What are Mexico's economic opportunities?
Marcela Flores
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Marcela Flores
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Lockton México is a consultant focused on risk benefits, actuarial consulting, compensations, risk and insurance management, bonds and automobiles.
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