Mining activities
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The Canadian company continues to demonstrate expansion potential at its Cordero flagship project.
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In light of recent reforms and in line with the industry’s evolution, a synergy between HR and HSE strategies are more important than ever.
Managing Indirect Risks Fundamental to Operational Fluidity
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Operational strategy development should consider risk management to ensure operational safety and success.
MOGS 2022
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Fossil fuels still have a huge role to play, but operating processes must be made more efficient to minimize environmental risks and emissions.
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Fugro ROAMES® is changing the landscape of vegetation management with more convenient, cost-effective and efficient solutions.
Marco Cota
View from the Top
Marco Cota
Talanza Energy
Marco Cota, Talanza Energy’s Director, explains how his firm is leading best practices in methane emission reductions for oil and gas operators.
Chapultepec Park
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Luis Diez is the first Mexican to occupy this position. He will focus on the Latin American region to advance park-related projects.
Brenda Rogel Salgado
Expert Contributor
Brenda Rogel Salgado
Environmental Partner, Mexico City
Hogan Lovells
Transitioning to efficient, clean and safe energy systems is one of the cornerstones of any sustainability strategy, writes Brenda Rogel.
Sustainability Drives the Future of Businesses - Image
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As sustainability and social responsibility become more relevant for profitability, ESG criteria drive company efforts to adapt for the future.
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