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Although civilians and owners resist the expropriation of land, the new decree enables immediate evictions and the start of construction works.
Canal del Congreso
Experts warn that the reform and the revision of past lithium concessions will increase uncertainty and decrease investment.
Trains at sunset
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The expropriation aims to restart the construction of the project’s cargo operation area
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Previous lithium contracts and concessions will be reviewed to see if they complied with all procedures. If they did not, they can be cancelled.
MAG Silver
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MAG Silver said its Juanicipio project had a strong production in 2021 and expects it to increase significantly once its plant will start operations.
Mayan Train
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Despite rising costs and other obstacles, the Mayan Train is running according to schedule and will be inaugurated next year.
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The government says that it no longer seeks to exclusively control lithium production or remove previously granted concessions.
Citlali Pérez
View from the Top
Citlali Pérez
Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C.
What are the main challenges foreign companies face in the Mexican mining sector? Citlali Pérez lays out the landscape.
According to Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution all natural resources found in or beneath the surface of the land belong to the Mexican State.
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