Weekly Roundups
Oil companies saw billions evaporate. Meanwhile, Mexico Energy Forum brought industry leaders together. Read more in the weekly roundup!
by Cas Biekmann
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Santiago Paredes
Director General
Grupo IGSA
IGSA is a Mexican leader in the manufacture of power plants with over 45 years of experience
Over 275 projects to be carried out between 2020 and 2024 covering energy sector areas
by Ricardo Guzman
Four CFE tenders, for three combined cycle plants and one open cycle plant, are included among the 14 projects planned for 2020.
by Ricardo Guzman
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Vicente Tamés
Country Manger Mexico
Duro Felguera
Vicente Tamés explains his company’s experiences in bidding for PEMEX and CFE contracts.
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Jenaro Laris
Head of Office for Mexico and Latin America
Jenaro Laris explains the mechanisms that SACE SIMEST uses to support Italian companies that want to participate in the Mexican market.
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Raymundo Platas
LAOGA's Raymundo Platas explains why oil and gas in Mexico looks positive but needs investment, as well as where to source it.
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Eduardo Curiel
Commercial Director
Grupo Industrial Águila (GIA)
Grupo Industrial Águila (GIA) is a consortium of companies that offer a full range of services for the energy industry, from EPC to O&M.
Luis Adame
Commercial Director
General Cable
“We try to approach end users directly to introduce the difference our products and services can make for their business.”
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