Torex Gold
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Torex is financially, socially and technically well positioned for a smooth transition from ELG's open pit to ML's underground operations.
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The company is well positioned to complete its pre-feasibility study and further enhance its ESG program in 2022.
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The International Monetary Fund recognized Mexico’s stable public debt.
José de la Luz
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José de la Luz López
Over 50 percent of Latin America’s economy is sustained by SMEs but their needs are not being adequately met, says’s José de la Luz.
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The controversy surrounding the latest audit report from ASF may have some detrimental consequences.
snr crude processing
With a new focus on achieving energy sovereignty, PEMEX’s Industrial Transformation will need to step up and play a crucial role.
hydrocarbon production cost
Finances have become a complicated issue for PEMEX: lower oil prices, increasing debt and the current tax level prove to be challenging.
pemex debt payment
The PEMEX Business Plan (2019-2023) might be considered the central document for many in Mexico’s oil and gas industry.
octavio lievano
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Octavio Lievano
Country Head
Crédit Agricole
Crédit Agricole provides an indispensable outsider’s perspective on the attractiveness of the Mexican oil and gas industry.
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