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Francisco Quiroga, former Undersecretary of Mining, says concessions may return if companies meet all legal requirements.
Alberto Vázquez
VHG Legal
The opportunity cost of not having an Undersecretariat of Mining will eventually be greater than the short term saving that can be achieved.
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Amid concerns that dialogue channels may disappear, the former undersecretary is confident about the cultural shift he initiated.
View from the Top
Francisco Quiroga
Former Undersecretary of Mining
Ministry of Economy
Mexico is keenly interested in developing sustainable and responsible mining.
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The Undersecretary of Mining got axed and SEMARNAT’s head resigned.
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Mexico’s Ministry of Economy announced that the measure is a result of a presidential austerity decree.
death and taxes
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Exploration is the mining industry’s R&D. Neglect it, and the project pipeline will eventually dry out.
Undersecretary for Mining Francisco Quiroga
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USMCA opens doors for mining, says Minister of Economy. Six governors, two federal ministers and many more specialists discuss the sectors’ future
Subsecretario de Minería Francisco Quiroga
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El T-MEC abre la puerta para la minería dice la Secretaria de Economía. Seis gobernadores, dos secretarios y expertos dialogan sobre retos del sector
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