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A fuel leak, presumably caused by huachicoleros, was reported this weekend in the state.
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Hidalgo has most clandestine fuel intakes in Mexico and the municipality of Cuautepec has the highest number of intakes in the state.
Eric Villagomez - Green Energy Development
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Eric Villagómez
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Learn more about how to save up to 13 percent on your annual fuel budget by integrating the right technology.
Port Arthur
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Prices dropped in response to demand concerns.
Pemex Tower
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The challenging oil and gas environment has claimed its first major name in Mexico as Fieldwood Energy files for Chapter 11 protection.
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The arrest of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel leader could help reduce PEMEX theft losses.
The rehabilitation of the existing six refineries and the inclusion of Dos Bocas will lift the processing capabilities of the SNR to 1,021MMb/d in…
The refining sector was dominated by two major trends during 2018. First, the development of the new refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco. Second, the…
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