The Future of Fuel Distribution
The future of Mexico’s fuel retail sector, including new technologies and services at gas stations along with the market’s recovery after COVID-19.
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Did you catch up with all the events at Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2020?
MOGS 2020
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Day 2 of MOGS 2020 continues with the panel "The Future of Fuel Distribution"
Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer’s (PROFECO) head Ricardo Sheffield during his Monday's gasoline stations report.
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Highlights: AMLO says demonstration against him was contained to prevent provocations. Highlights good relationship with US after border transit deal…
Luz María Gutiérrez
View from the Top
Luz María Gutiérrez
G500's Luz María Gutiérrez explains her company's ongoing efforts to get closer to the customer and develop retail coverage across the…
PEMEX still controls 80 percent of the retail market
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In December last year private companies in Mexico broke a record by importing almost 1 of 5 liters of the gasoline and 1 of 3 of diesel.
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