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Mexico’s public health sector is being affected by several controversies, with the spotlight being on the General Health Council, Birmex and ISSSTE.
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Health is the result of several harmonized factors. In Mexico, these reflect large inequalities.
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Raul Anaya
Director General of Certification
General Health Council
Mexico’s General Health Council is taking effective action to meet the Constitutional right to healthcare.
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Mexico is taking action to improve attention and care provision to those suffering from rare diseases. Learn more here
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The European Commission approved the use of Biomarin’s treatment for achondroplasia, one of the most common forms of dwarfism.
Hospital Dalinde
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Adrián Ceballos
Medical Director of the Mother-infant Unit
Centro Médico Dalinde
Centro Médico Dalinde is best known for their materal and pediatric care, Adrián Ceballos remarks the hospital's strengths and desires to grow
Ana Riquelme
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Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
Ana Riquelme exposes the contributions of AMID to the medical device sector and how the member companies work to strengthen the healthcare sector
Sanitary Emergency
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The healthcare crisis that haunts the whole world is keeping us all apart. Now is the time to show everyone’s human side
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COFEPRIS has now joined global efforts to find a treatment against COVID-19
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