Gustavo Rodríguez Founder and CEO of nutriADN
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Gustavo Rodríguez
Founder and CEO
Genetic tests can support the development of a preventive healthcare culture, argues nutriADN’s Gustavo Rodríguez.
World Recognizes Nobel Winners, Continues Fighting COVID-19
Weekly Roundups
This week marked the recognition of two groundbreaking contributions to healthcare. How else has the sector been progressing?
Nobel Prizes Go to “Genetic Scissors” and Hepatitis C Discovery
News Article
This year’s Nobel Prize awards recognized two water-shed discoveries that aim to cure and eradicate deadly diseases threatening the world.
Genetics and Health_IMG_2019_Jorge Moran
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Jorge Moran
Director General
Genetics & Health
Genetics & Health seeks to improve the efficacy of treatment through reliable diagnostics that employ genetics.
Francisco Kuri
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Francisco Kuri
Vice President
Landsteiner Scientific
Landsteiner Scientific is focused on the manufacturing, distribution and commercialization of biotechnological, genomic medicine.
Martha Luna
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Martha Luna
RMA Mexico
Reproductive Medicine Associates Mexico is widely recognized as a national and international leader in state-of-the-art reproductive medicine.
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