Santiago Pomposiello Laserline
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Santiago Pomposiello
General Manager for Latin America
"All applications in the automotive industry and other areas in which we are represented in Mexico are also of interest to the oil and gas…
Belden Hirschmann EAGLE40
With IT/OT convergence on the horizon for Mexico’s industries and their worksites, cybersecurity hardware is now more important than ever.
Ideas and Creativity
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The US will support research projects to help economic and financial inclusion and agricultural sustainability to reduce inequality in Mexico
Jaime Zubillaga
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Buhlmann's Jaime Zubillaga explains the company's distribution techniques during COVID-19 and the projects Buhlmann wants to capture in the…
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Arnaud Coelho
Director General
Merck Group México
Improving access to innovative medicine is a challenge. However, Merck has a specific approach to the issue.
Robert Bosch - Rene Schelgel
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René Schlegel
Robert Bosch México
The president of Robert Bosch México shares his positive perspective for the post-COVID-19 world given Mexico’s strengths.
Adriana Mata Sales Director LATAM, Mexico and Caribbean of Eppendorf
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Adriana Mata
Sales Director LATAM, Mexico and Caribbean
Innovation and sustainability in all its forms are essential to remain a key partner to clients, says Eppendorf.
Money in a Jar
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Swiss companies plan to invest in Mexico to strengthen their operations and continue growing.
holy cow
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s most important agribusiness and food news, including Bayer’s AI push and Burger King’s CO2-mindful cows.
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