Global Warming
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A UN report urges countries to take more actions to fight climate change while there is still time to avoid irreversible change.
Jonah Greenberger
Startup Contributor
Jonah Greenberger
To reverse global warming, you need to start small before going big, says Bright’s Jonah Greenberger.
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The International Energy Agency provides COP26 members a guide to meet its Net-Zero commitment by 2050.
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The algae affects 47 beaches in the state of Quintana Roo. Government institutions have implemented a strategic plan to clear the shores.
Mexican flag
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President López Obrador addresses environmental policy with a video aimed at fighting climate change and global warming.
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López Obrador will present Joe Biden a program focused on environmental protection to regulate migration of people seeking employment in the US.
Efforts to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint have led to the development of sustainable fuels but these still have room for improvement.
Bee on a leave
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COVID-19 lays bare the lack of economic resilience of small producer communities.
Cow in drought
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This year, several communities have experienced crop failure due to lack of irrigation water.
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